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Best seller!  A must have for packing up the kitchen.  Can also be used to wrap up small fragiles or little picture frames.  Blank wrapping paper just under 300 sheets (10 pounds)  24″ x 36″.  Protect your dishes and fragiles!  Also can be used as a void filler.  If wrapping up your everyday dishes with newsprint, use the small 1.5 cu box to pack.  They will be heavy when filled, however, the smaller box is easier to lift.  If packing up grandma’s china, upgrade to a glass or dish kit.  These kits have individual cells and cell foam pouches to protect fine china and stemware.  Finally, if you need to occupy the kiddos and keep them out of the way of your packing, this paper is great for their artwork!

Newsprint (Blank)

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